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Our story

Gin d'Azur is inspired by the sunset over Gigaro Beach in La Croix Valmer, St Tropez. It is the Golden Hour which illuminates the sand and sea, making it the perfect time for a cocktail with family and friends. We are a convivial brand based on togetherness and sharing. Gin d’Azur is more than a drink, it is an experience that transports you to the beach and the moments where we feel the sun on our skin and the cool ocean spray on our face. Our team spent years crafting the perfect drink to compliment the French Rivera enriched with Botanicals infused with the sun, for enjoyment with friends under the sun.

our mission


We believe that bringing together friends and family is an important gift that we must cherish. The world has changed a lot in the last year and now more than ever being close with the people you love is so important. A great gin is best enjoyed shared with someone close to you and that is why we believe in brining people closer together with Gin d'Azur.


Creating an organic award winning gin should not damage our beautiful planet. As a gin that is connected to sand and sea, our mission is to ensure that drive sustainability in our products. Together we can make the world a better place and ensuring our supply chain is sustainable and green is our top priority. Our bottles contain no plastic can we encourage reuse as decanters, candle holders and attractive interior decorations. We also recycle from our on premise partners.


Everything that our team does involves passion. We are passionate about our ingredients, our distilling process, our sustainability, our collective pride and most importantly our love for great moments. We embody this ethos throughout our company to ensure everyone feels passionate, happy and driven to deliver excellence to our customers around the world.

proud to be organic

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Botanicals infused with the sun, for enjoyment with friends under the sun, our award winning gin is your perfect partner down when enjoying a day at the beach.