Reasons why gin may be a good drink for you

It goes without saying that gin is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Gin is used in many types of cocktails because of its versatile characteristics. Also, gin goes perfectly with any season. With that said, if you are a gin lover, here are some benefits you may be able to enjoy by drinking it.

Gin: nutrition information

One of the most notable characteristics of gin is its low calorie and carb content. Also, it doesn’t have any added sugars. Mentioned below are the nutrition facts related to gin (1.5 ounces), for your information.

  • 97 calories
  • Zero carbohydrates
  • Zero fibre
  • zero g protein
  • zero g sugar


Well, here are the benefits you may be able to experience by drinking gin.

  • Gin may be good for your skin

Gin is infused with one of the superfoods called juniper berries. According to health experts, juniper berries are full of antioxidants and therefore, they can promote your skin health. Also, it can prevent chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancers. Some studies even suggest that juniper berries are able to deliver the benefits just like tea tree oil and therefore it is good for the skin. Moreover, juniper berries may contribute to anti-aging as well. However, you should avoid drinking gin and lime juice in the sun. That is because lime can make your skin irritate when consumed while exposing yourself to the sunlight.

  • It may help you live longer

Since gin is rich in antioxidant properties (juniper berries), you may be able to consider it an antiaging as well as an anti-inflammatory product. It is no secret that those antioxidants can improve your general health and lead to a longer life because they boost your blood flow and flushing of toxins.

  • Gin is good for your digestive system

You might have noticed that gin is often served as an aperitif in various parts of the world. That is because it helps your digestive system to prepare for the upcoming meal. You already know that having some alcohol before a meal boosts your appetite. Moreover, a gin before a meal will make your food more appealing. You also tend to experience a better aroma of the food as a result of having some gin before the meal.

  • It is a diabetes-friendly beverage

Gin doesn’t have any carbohydrates so it is a good drink for those who have diabetes. Gin is usually consumed with tonic which is also a low-carb drink. So, a shot of drink has a significantly lower carbohydrate content compared to other varieties.


You should never consider gin as a miracle food despite all those benefits. Any variety of alcohol, including gin should be consumed only in moderation. However, there are some interesting benefits associated with gin particularly because of its antioxidant characteristics. So, you should be smart enough to drink in moderation and live a longer, healthier life.