Interesting things you might haven’t heard about gin

Gin is one of the most popular spirits that come with very unique characteristics compared to other varieties. Being one of the most frequently used liquor varieties for cocktails, the gin itself is a very good drink thanks to its aromatic flavour and texture. With that said, mentioned below are some interesting things you haven’t probably heard about gin.

  1. Gin originated in Holland

It is true that gin is the national spirit of England. However, English isn’t the one who invented gin. It is originated in Holland. English discovered this awesome drink when they were engaged in the Dutch War (back in the 17th century) and they bought it to England. It was then known as “Genever” and the “London Gin” was made after about 150 years.

  1. Franciscus Sylvius is the inventor of gin

Franciscus Sylvius is considered to be the inventor of gin. In fact, he is a Dutch physician and he created genever to be used as a medicine. That was back in the 16th century. The concoction he made had the ability to boost blood circulation and promote other ailments. This drink was given to Dutch soldiers who fought in the Dutch Independence War. That is exactly why it was known as “Dutch Courage” as well.

  1. India started the combination of gin and tonic

In the 19th century, Brits started to approach India. It was during that time the popularity of Gin and Tonic increased. In fact, the demand for Indian Tonic Water faced a boost especially to avoid malaria. In fact, gin was added as a flavor to reduce the bitterness of the tonic.

  1. Gimlet was introduced as a cure for Scurvy

Many years ago, sailing was not the most pleasant experience and they were not the calmful vacations. The sailors became vulnerable to plenty of diseases and Scurvy was one of them. Scurvy is a health condition that triggers due to the lack of Vitamin C. The Royal Navy introduced a combination of gin and lime juice to address this issue and it was nicknamed Gimlet. 

  1. The real diehard fans of gin are the Philippines

Many individuals think that the British drink the most gin. But the truth is that the Philippines drink the most of it. According to statistics, the Philippines drinks more than 43% of the gin production in the global market. In fact, they even have a Tagalog called “Ginuman” to name a gin-drinking session.

  1. “Gin Twist” was the most popular drink

You should also know that Gin Twist was exceptionally popular during the 1920s and 1930s. This specific drink was introduced in many novels; it is a combination of gin, lemon juice, syrup, and some hot water. Basically, it was the most popular alcoholic beverage at that time.